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About us...


The CPillow was created with disabled kids in mind, by a mom of a little boy with Cerebral Palsy. The CPillow allows the kids to play independently with many different toys, attach a tablet, a communication device, or a hardcover book to it. The Ipad, the Kindle, most smart phones, and most middle-sized tablets fit easily in the elastic straps. .


The CPillow also can be made to hold the switches for adapted toys. Typical children, to keep toys in place and to avoid the toys being thrown on the floor, can also use the CPillow It was also designed to give the caregivers a piece of mind, and to give them an opportunity to sit down for a moment and relax (you are welcome Mom)


The CPillow is created from a saliva-proof material, therefor its easy to clean, it just needs to be wiped down with a damp cloth, but it is not washable.


The CPillow is equipped with elastic straps, loops and rings to keep things in place and has an adjustable waist strap with a buckle, to keep the pillow in the child’s lap while in use. The CPillow can be used on the go as well, in the car seat, in the stroller, or in the wheelchair, especially with the help of an extender. Each CPillow is created one by one to order and made by hand, therefore there could be slight differences between each pillow, but they are all perfectly functional and made from quality, BPA-free, child and food safe material, and filled with recycled, hypoallergenic fiber.


There are three sizes available, small (for up to 6 years old kids or up to 100 lb) medium (for up to 14 years old or about 130 lb) and the adult sized. There are different patterns, and solid colors to choose from.

I am happy to work on custom orders, please send me a message.


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