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Isabella Hale 

We just got our CPillow. My daughter loves it. She's watching tangled right now and is really enjoying it! The quality is great and the pillow itself is really cute and the perfect size(size small for my 3 year old) It will last her a few years and I'm excited for her to use. All in all, great pillow though. I would recommended to other CP parents. We will be buying an upgrade in a few years. Very pleased.

Mary Phillips

Such a great idea! My son with CP can finally play with his tablet by himself! It's so well made, such a cute fabric choice and so functional! The coating on the fabric is perfect for my little drooler!! We love it so much! Wonderful customer service and a true blessing! Thank you for dreaming this pillow up and for bringing it to life! I think it will make a huge difference in the lives of many kids and their families!! Love our pillow!!

Kelly Christin

The C Pillow has been amazing for our daughter. Thank you for creating this! And you’re the sweetest person ever!

Gina Ferraro Cairone 

What a wonderful idea! Well made and my daughter can now have an opportunity to play with toys and “hold” her doll.

Patricia Higgins Greenberg

It's wonderful and beautifully made! You can tell that is was made with such care. Thank you! My son set his little one up with a little tablet and he was able to play with the tablet all by himself without us having to hold it for him. Just great! Love the fabric, the stretchy holders,the wonderful idea, the whole thing. It's so sturdy that we were not afraid to pull the straps to put a different toy in it. I LOVE that it is spit proof. A great addition to his equipment.

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